Your body hears everyting
your mind is saying
but softens
when you let go
and glows
when you heal

Ceremony & Ritual

Making a new start, experiencing a ceremonial healing or closing a significant period of your life in an appropriate way. Together we create a ceremony that suits you.

Ceremonies bring the sacred into our everyday lives and make it possible for us to encounter the energy of the earth, the elements, the divine and the universe between the material world and the invisible world. Ceremonies help us deal with changes and to make a new start.

They can be healing on a physical, mental, energetic or spiritual level and help us celebrate or close a significant period in your live in an appropriate way.

Rituals bring structure to our life rhythm. They connect us with the spiritual and contribute to mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle.

At Natuurwijze the ceremonies and rituals are personal and individual. They are formed from Druidism, which has its roots in Celtic spirituality.

We ended my series of sessions with a powerful ritual that reflected a lot of what I (re)discovered in the sessions and in which we sealed what I want to see more present in my life. This still has a significant effect and I now feel a lot more confident in myself about all this.

How does a ceremony or ritual proceed?

We start with an intake, a conversation in which you indicate why you would like to do a ceremony or ritual at Natuurwijze. This could be, for example, because you:

  • Want to end a period in your life energetically.
  • Want to make a new beginning
  • Are going through a transition or want to mark a transition to a different phase of life. 
  • Want to receive an energetic healing/blessing.
  • Want to do ancestor work. 

After the intake, we agree on a date on which the ceremony or ritual will take place. An intake takes approximately 60 minutes. 

A ceremony lasts approximately 3 hours. 
During these 3 hours, attention is paid to your intention, the ceremony/ritual and we end with a warm herbal tea and something to eat to fully return to the here and now. 

After approximately  2 weeks we will have telephone contact  to evaluate your experience and how you are doing.

For me it was a valuable and pleasant afternoon, with a beautiful ritual that allowed me to enter the menopause with even more confidence. - Petra -


Druidism or Druidry is a philosophy and at the same time a spiritual animistic path that believes in the sacredness of all living things. 

I find this in nature and everything connected with it: the stones, the plant kingdom, the animals and people, but also the wisdom of our ancestors, the wisdom of the land, the landscape and the elements, the visible and invisible.

I believe there is more between heaven and earth. And to put this into words, I use stories and metaphors that are connected to my native land and the rhythm of the seasons.

I use techniques that can help you find ‘Awen’ (magical or divine inspiration) or to connect with your deeper self, your intuition and your inner voice.

In Druidism I work with mindfulness, meditation, alteret stages of conciousnes, magic, ceremony, in search of healing, inspiration and wisdom.

Yes! A Druid uses rituals, ceremonies and altered states of consiousnes or deep meditation to travel to another reality. Druidry has its roots in Celtic spirituality. Many shamanic elements are interwoven in Druidry, as well as magical, alchemical and philosophical dimensions.

This  can vary per person. For some, a ceremony is emotional, while others experience a deep peaceful tranquility. During ceremonies and rituals, Natuurwijze works on a physical, mental, energetic and spiritual level. The boundary between your inner world and the physical world becomes thinner and the world of the visible becomes connected to the invisible. 
Depending on what is manifested in a ritual, this can continue for a very long time. 

It is advisable not to plan anything else on the day of the ceremony or ritual and to reschedule other appointments. 
Make sure you take enough time to let everything sink in.

During a Natuurwijze ritual or ceremony, there is no use of cocoa, ayahuasca or mind-expanding mushrooms or herbs.

If you have a psychiatric diagnosis or if you receive help from the Mental Health Service for a psychiatric disorder, or use medication for this, a ceremony or ritual is sometimes less suitable.

During an intake, your personal situation will be mapped out and it will become clear whether a ceremony or ritual can be of significance to you.

A ceremony or ritual can take place indoors or outdoors. 

  • Usually in a beautiful place in nature
  • In case of bad weather at Natuurwijze where the space is specially prepared for the ceremony.
  • On location: the travel costs made by Natuurwijze are added to the amount of the ceremony. The location costs are your own responsibility.

This is possible when it concerns an initiation/transition of an individual and this is celebrated with the group. Think of a rite of passage of a life phase such as:

  • girl to woman
  • from young woman to mother
  • from mother to wise woman
  • from wise woman to crone.


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