Everything in nature
has its own pace
Like the rhythm
of your heart

Personal guidance and support

Discover the natural harmony between your physical and mental well-being with the expert guidance of an experienced nature coach and herbalist.

In a world full of personal challenges and an abundance of lifestyle advice, many people still struggle to find the right balance. This struggle can lead to a sense of alienation from both ourselves and the natural world around us.
As a Nature Sage, I believe that our connection with nature is essential to our health. As a herbal medicine practitioner, I have been working with herbs since 2008 and my expertise extends to lifestyle and coaching.

My goal is to personally guide you to your natural balance, using the rhythm of the seasons as a guideline.
The individual programs are designed to help you find more peace and balance in your daily life. I offer insight into your specific needs, help you develop healthy habits and teach you how to use herbs that can provide both physical and mental support. I would like to inspire you to learn to make healthy choices from within.

All programs are based on education and support. They do not replace medical advice, but are designed to promote a balanced, healthy lifestyle, focusing on a connection with nature.

Are you ready to start your journey to wellness and connection with nature?Contact me today and let’s travel together.

"By asking questions about me as a person and my life, she not only clarified what was the cause of my health problems, but also made me feel like my health problems were taken seriously." - Renske -


In the rythm of the seasons


"I'm improving my landscape
and make a new start"

in herbs & lifestyle
3x 60 minutes
(incl. intake)
live or e-session

Period: 2 months


“I am open for the wisdom
within me”

Herbs & lifestyle
+ nature coaching
3x 60 minutes (e-session)
+ 5 x 90 minutes (live)
Free intake
+ course, worth €97

Period: 9 months


“I experience the powerful
life energy”

Nature coaching
live sessions
in the woods
5x 90 minutes
Free intake

Period: 4 months

“Aukje made me feel heard and seen right from our first contact. From a holistic view, we had a conversation about which direction it should be taken for me personally. The intake with Aukje and the evaluation of progress and possible adjustments were also very careful and warm. In short, I felt in good hands in every respect and the herbs and flower essence that I took with it where a perfect match.” – Ilya – ​

When to book for a program

  • Stress & burnout
  • Feelings of anxiety and uncertainty
  • Lose connection with nature
  • Looking for life goals
  • Need for more mindfulness and awareness
  • Menopausal problems
  • Fatigue, sleep problems
  • Want to make healthier choices for yourself in lifestyle & herbs
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Learn which herbs can help with your health problems
  • Support for taking the next step in your life

"It's not only that Aukje looks at the whole picture and gives herbal advice based on that. She also gave me the feeling that I don't have to be so insecure, but can also trust my feelings." - Marijke -

How does a process proceed?


At Natuurwijze an introduction is free. This way you can decide whether I am the one you want to learn something from.
For me, an introduction is useful to determine whether I offer what you are looking for.
Imagine a first meeting, where you tell something about yourself, what you would like to learn and I tell you how I work. This introduction, which lasts about fifteen minutes, often takes place via video calling. But you are always welcome at the practice. Afterwards you indicate whether I can invite you for an intake. An intake takes place on a different day.


Prior to the intake, you will receive an intake form to bring with you to our first appointment.
Based on this form, we will map out your current health during this intake and we”ll look at what you want to work on or what you want to achieve.
Every process starts with this first appointment (the intake).
  • We make a choice between nature coaching, coaching in herbs and lifestyle or a combination of these.
  • An intake takes place in the Natuurwijs room, but can also be done via a video conversation.
  • An intake takes 60 to a maximum of 90 minutes.
  • After this intake, I will sugest a program that is based on your personal needs.


Depending on what we have agreed upon, you will receive coaching in herbs and lifestyle or nature coaching during this second appointment.
  • For coaching in herbs & lifestyle, you will be welcomed in the Natuurwijze practice or we will meet online via Zoom or Teams.
  • In this conversation I will teach you how to make better choices for your health and discuss with you what I have selected for you.
  • During nature coaching we always meet outside in the area  of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug.
  • During the conversations that follow this second conversation, a different aspect of the request for help is discussed, with the aim of giving you the most complete picture possible in which areas of your life you can make changes.  


Natuurwijze programs are no longer reimbursed by health insurers, but if you can use a personal development budget through your work, you can use this for a program at Natuurwijze. Ask your employer about it.

“Aukje helped me to set solid boundaries and, in particular, to relax, sleep better and be myself! I've had many conversations with Aukje; and I can truly say that I am so happy that she helped me! I am extremely grateful that this allowed me to change… and that I feel much better about myself!” – Inge –​


The results depend on the extent to which you are willing to make changes in your life.

Sometimes it involves changing a habit and that solves the problem. But it may also be that you are confronted with your dark side and the work needs some deeper attention. Natuurwijze stands by your side in this process.

During the very first conversation, you indicate what you would like to achieve at the end of the process. Together we will examine whether this is feasible and what steps are needed to bring this result from idea to implementation.


  • School for Herbal Medicine: Frigga’s Korenbloem NL (Ingrid Kropf) – diploma 2011
  • Basic medical knowledge (Con Amore) UoAS NL diploma 2015
  • Basic Psychosocial Knowledge (Con Amore) UoAS NL,  diploma 2015
  • NLP Practitioner (Institute of Eclectic Psychology, NL) diploma 2017
  • NLP Master practitioner (Institute of Eclectic Psychology, NL) diploma 2018
  • Reiki 1 Usui Shiki Ryoho 2019
  • Reiki 2 Usui Shiki Ryoho 2019
    Also view her other courses

Further training & seminars

  • Allergies – Herbal training Frigga’s Korenbloem, NL (Ingrid Kropf) – further training 2012
  • Medicinal native herbs excursion – Maurice Godefridi (Dodonaeus BE training) 2015
  • Orthomolecular nutrition (Con Amore, NL), certificate 2016
  • The Work – Byron Katie, Live seminar Amsterdam, 2016
  • Mindfulness (Con Amore, NL), certificate 2017
  • Lifestyle & hormone balance (Con Amore, NL) certificate 2017
  • Life Stages & Transitions – symptom or stimulus for change (Con Amore, NL) certificate 2018
  • Botanical herbs (BTUU) excursion – Maurice Godefridi (Dodonaeus BE training) 2018
  • Stress & Burnout (Con Amore) certificate 2019
  • Menopauze (Con Amore, NL) certificate 2020
  • Giving Forgiveness – IEP (Institute for Eclectic Psychology, NL) 2020
  • Wild Power Retreat (Red School) 2022
  • Wise Woman Summit (Full Circle Woman – 2023
  • Alchemical Herbalism (Evolutionary Herbalism, US) intro course 2023
  • Natural prevention & approach to infections – Geert Verhelst  (de Sprenk, NL) further training 2024
  • Added value of organic food – Geert Verhelst (de Sprenk, NL) further training 2024
  • Myths in classical nutrition – Geert Verhelst (de Sprenk, NL) further training 2024
  • Aukje is affiliated with the order of Bards, Ovates & Druids (OBOD) and active within the order.

Herbal medicine is as old as humanity. It is increasingly scientifically proven that the effectiveness of herbs and healing plants is great.
I am a certified and experienced Phytotherapist (= herbal medicine practitioner) and work with the healing power of plants, herbs and trees from a holistic perspective. In addition to the scientifically proven medicinal power of plants, I believe in the sacred, energetic and spiritual effects of healing herbs. The way I use herbs in a healing process is very extensive. You can make an appointment to learn more about what herbs can do for you in achieving your goal

I have extensive experience in coaching based on NLP. This stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. For this I am certified as a Master Practitioner.

When you run into something and can’t move forward, or when you are prevented from achieving your goal, it helps to gain insight into what it is that is holding you back. People learn the most about themselves through insightful exercises. From that point you can make a change in your life by making different choices.

With Nature Coaching, nature is invited as a discussion partner. A triadic conversation arises in which messages from nature play an important role.

This form of coaching is a combination of my knowledge of nature, herbal knowledge, coaching experience and my Druid (pagan) skills.

The people who have followed this form of coaching with me have (according to themselves) received deeper insights and experienced beautiful transformations.

Druidism or Druidry is a philosophy and at the same time a spiritual path that believes in the sacredness and inspiration of all living things.

I find this in nature and everything connected with it: the stones, the plant kingdom, animals and people, but also the wisdom of our ancestors, the wisdom of the land, the landscape and the elements, the visible and invisible.

I believe there is more between heaven and earth. And to put this into words, I use stories and metaphors that are connected to our own country and the rhythm of the seasons.

I use techniques that can help you find ‘Awen’ (magical or divine inspiration) or to connect with your deeper self, your intuition and your inner voice.

In Druidism I work with mindfulness, meditation, internally guided processes, magic, ceremony, in search of healing, inspiration and wisdom.

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