Allow yourself the gentle rhythm
of living with the seasons
They are a wonderful guideline
for physical and mental health

This is where your journey towards development and connection with nature begins

Step inside and discover a world full of possibilities to enrich your well-being and embrace new knowledge.

Explore individual, personal based journeys to walk your unique path to balance.
Engage in online courses at your own pace, where there is room for growth and learning from the comfort of your own home.

Or join inspiring workshops where you can enrich your experiences with like-minded people.
Take an invigorating walk in nature, where you will not only refresh your body, but also nourish your mind.

At Natuurwijze everything revolves around your well-being and growth. Feel at home, feel welcome and be guided on the path to a life in harmony with yourself and the world around you. Allow yourself the gentle rhythm of living with the seasons.

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Aukje is a Nature Sage

A herbalist, a nature coach & druid

“Aukje coaches with her heart, but also has great knowledge and wisdom, which enables her to deliver personal based solutions with sublime accuracy.
– Else –

“She is a nature sage in all facets of her life. Aukje has a lot of knowledge and experience with which she successfully guided me in my transformation process.”
-Ineke –

“She facilitates, helps clarify and relieves you of your worries so that you can focus on your own process.”

“Her online courses are down-to-earth and clear. They are very accessible and comprehensible, it is as if Aukje is standing right next to you when you make your journey.”
– Susan –

Education & Transformation

In het ritme van de seizoenen


During an individual program, Aukje helps you follow the pace of nature and in this way bring more peace and balance into your life.

School for wisdom of nature

Attend an online course at your own pace or join a group activity in nature. At Natuurwijze you choose how you want to enrich your knowledge. 

Ceremonie & Ritual

Making a new start, experiencing a ceremonial healing or closing a significant period of your life in an appropriate way. Together we design a ceremony that suits you.

Natuurwijze Blog

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Aukje's favorites

Natuur coaching
program Oak

Nature coaching

5x 90 minutes
Free intake


Meet the wise woman

duration: 3 uur
available from 4 people 

Crane bag

Make your own
Druid or Sjaman bag

duration: 4 uur
available from 4 people

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