To live in rhythm
of the seasons
for me
is allowing nature
to determine my pace

The seasons are a wonderful guide to physical and mental health

I’m inspired to use this to optimize my life and make healthy choices for body mind and spirit.
The experience and knowledge are incorporated into coaching programs, (online) courses, workshops and ceremonies.

My name is

Aukje Bor-Stokroos

I’m a Nature Sage.

Stay close to yourself and you will experience what's best for you.

It is often that others tell us what to do best, but I'd like to inspire you to make your own choices from within.

As a child I used to play outside a lot. Building huts, picking flowers, but also splashing around in the ditch because the other side was always more attractive to play. As I grew older I adapted to the people around me. Because I was taught to do “the right thing”. I lost my connection with nature and therefore to myself. That made me deeply unhappy. I felt misunderstood and not heard.

I’ve found my way back to nature by strengthening the connection again, delving deep into the healing power of plants and trees, but I also learned to make choices with my inner self. I found my way back to the real me by healing my past.

To create a good basis for this, I went to several schools and took various courses. In addition to holistic healing methods, I also studied phases of life, transitions and the cyclical movement of nature.
If I have managed to get closer to myself with this, then I believe you can learn it too.

It is often that others tell us what to do best, but I’d like to inspire you to make your own choices from within. Because this benefits your well-being in all kinds of areas, physically, mentally, but also on a soul level and gives you a lot of joy in life.

"Her newsletters are a gift to my soul, I cherish them"
- Louise-

Aukje is a herbalist,
a nature coach & druid

Aukje (1973) has a background in pedagogy/agogy and worked as a registered therapist after graduating from the School for Herbal Medicine. In addition to the Basic Medical and Psychosocial knowledge (UoAS), she followed numerous training courses in the field of mental and physical health.

She is a certified NLP Master (Institute for Eclectic Psychology) and follows the Druid path, where she is affiliated with the order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD).
Aukje is a Nature Sage, an artist and “out of the box thinker” who likes to inspire others.

In her work she’s finding opportunities to bring you into contact with your inner self, your beliefs, your identity and your position in the bigger picture. Becoming aware of your own actions and your place in nature are playing a key part in this.

Her toolbox is found in the rhythm of the seasons. Because nature has put so much wisdom into this cyclical movement that can be found in all aspects of “our being”.

"Her newsletters are always full of interesting facts and the newsletters regularly remind me of my base: nature and its rituals" -Pon-


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