Terms and Conditions

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1. General information

Natuurwijze is registered with the Chamber of Commerce, under number 30258407.
VAT-ID NL001444356B33.
Address: Tromplaan 17, 3951CL, Maarn, the Netherlands
Email: contact@natuurwijze.nl.
Telephone: 06 4894 1640.
Website: https://natuurwijze.nl/

Services offered are: coaching, education, courses, workshops, ceremonies, rituals and small-scale handmade products.

The general terms and conditions mentioned here apply to all services, products and the above-mentioned activities that are offered and all agreements made both verbally and in writing, between Natuurwijze and the customer and any form of cooperation between Natuurwijze and the other party.

When placing an order, consisting of the purchase of a product from the store, when booking and participating in a walking-workshop, a workshop, course, online course or online workshop or (verbal appointment for an) individual journey, ceremonie, ritual or session, you agree to the general terms and conditions described here.

2 Conditions regarding purchase of products

When placing an order you agree to a payment obligation to Natuurwijze. Natuurwijze, on the other hand, is obliged to deliver the ordered services or goods after receipt of payment and will do so. When the amount has been credited to Natuurwijzes’ account, the product will be shipped/accessible or downloadable.
Products that are catechorized as a “virtual product” and “downloadable product” cannot be exchanged.
A product in the category “physical product” is shipped via a delivery service. Packaging costs and shipping costs will be charged for this.
When entering the address details, the customer is responsible for providing the correct information.
When the package is returned to Natuurwijze because the address details are incorrect? Shipping costs will then be charged (again) to send the package, but then to the correct address.
It is possible to make an appointment to collect the ordered products yourself. Of course, no shipping costs will be charged for this.
As a customer, you can collect your ordered products within 2 weeks.

3 Right of withdrawal

If you are not satisfied with the physical product after purchase, you should contact Natuurwijze. It will then be examined how the product can be exchanged. We will always discuss whether you want to receive a replacement product, a voucher or a return of the purchase price of the product itself. Shipping costs will never be reimbursed. Returning products to Natuurwijze is the responsibility of the customer. The products must be returned undamaged and unopened, as much as possible in the same shipping packaging, provided they are undamaged. Shipping costs will again be charged for resending a physical product.
The right of withdrawal does not apply to downloadable and virtual products that you purchase via the Natuurwijze online store.
The right of withdrawal does not apply to products that you purchase via this online store and are custom-made according to the specification you provide. The sale is final after successful payment. The right of withdrawal does not apply to products that have been opened and/or used after receipt.

4.Conditions regarding activities, programs and coaching

“Activity” means: workshops, walks, courses and programs, coaching in lifestyle & herbs, nature coaching, ceremonies, rituals, lectures and all similar encounters described on the Natuurwijze website, both online and in real life, named and live.
All activities are described on the Natuurwijze website. You can book an activity via the online store by purchasing the item in the online store.
When Natuurwijze is invited to an activity at another location, elsewhere in the country? Then the travel costs incurred by Natuurwijze are for the person who books the activity. A written agreement is signed by both parties for this purpose.
An activity by appointment (choose a date yourself) will only take place if the amount for the activity has been credited in advance to the account of Natuurwijze.
When participating in an activity, it is advisable for people with a physical disability to discuss this with Natuurwijze at an early stage.
With the “coaching” activity, contact starts with a 15-minute introductory meeting via video calling. An appointment is then made for an intake. There are no costs associated with an introductory meeting.
A program or follow-up session, an e-consultation or intake via video calling is paid for prior to the appointment via a purchase in the online store. Live conversations and live programs can be purchased in advance via the online store, or are always paid immediately after the first session. This can be done in cash or via pin.

5 Cancellation

Cancellation of a participation by the participant before the start of the activity must be done by telephone or e-mail. Not via social media such as direct messages on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp or any other medium.
If the participant is unable to attend, it is always permitted to allow another person to participate in consultation with Natuurwijze.

Cancellation up to one week before the start of an already paid activity is possible with limited financial consequences. The payment will be returned immediately minus the costs for online payment and the costs incurred by Natuurwijze for any purchased materials or preparation.
If you cancel in the week before the start of an activity, 50% of the paid amount will be refunded.
If a participant does not show up for an activity without prior notice, the claim for a refund of the payment will lapse.
Cancellation during a pandemic such as Covid-19 will take place as soon as possible and is possible up to the day of the activity if the participant can demonstrate that he or she has tested positive for the disease. This rule applies to real life encounters such as workshops, walks and individual education and/or courses in the Natuurwijze space. The money for absenteeism in the real life course will be refunded.

An online course can be cancelled, BUT once the online learning environment has been accessed, there will be no refund. This applies when a course starts on a certain date and the cancellation is made before the start date of the course.
The same conditions apply as for a live activity.

There are no refunds for online courses without a start date. After you pay for an online course or workshop, you immediately have access to the online learning environment, so you can quickly and easily start learning at home. There is therefore no right of cancellation or withdrawal for online courses or workshops because the content has already been shown.

6. Cancellation by Natuurwijze

If there is insufficient participation in an activity, Natuurwijze reserves the right to cancel this activity. Minimum participation in a workshop consists of 4 participants.
In the event of illness, unforeseen circumstances or force majeure, Natuurwijze reserves the right to cancel any activity up to the day itself.
In case of bad weather (e.g. heavy rain, thunderstorms, snow or hail), Natuurwijze reserves the right to change or cancel outdoor activities up to the day itself. The activity will then be moved to another date in consultation with the participants.
Natuurwijze will inform the participants of a cancellation as soon as possible by telephone or in another appropriate manner.
In the event of cancellation by Natuurwijze, the participant can opt for a refund of the payment or a transfer to another date.
Natuurwijze reserves the right at all times to refuse a participant to participate in an activity, without stating a reason. If you refuse to participate before the start of the activity, 100% of the course fee will be refunded to the participant’s account if he or she has already paid.
If Natuurwijze refuses to allow someone to participate during an activity, Natuurwijze reserves the right to determine whether the participation fee of the refused participant will be refunded.

7. Health risks and liability
The products and activities of Natuurwijze do not in any way replace medical or psychological care. Use of products is in all respects at your own risk. Natuurwijze cannot be held liable for this in any way.

Participation in Natuurwijze activities, coaching and education is at your own risk. Natuurwijze accepts no liability for injuries and/or any form of damage suffered as a result of participation. The knowledge provided during activities and sessions by Natuurwijze does not replace medical or psychological assistance, and no rights can be derived from it. Natuurwijze is also not liable for any direct or indirect damage that may be suffered as a result of other services or advice from Natuurwijze or on behalf of persons engaged by it. Nor is Natuurwijze liable for damage caused by certain activities. online activities and/or services cannot be carried out on the agreed date and/or when certain courses or workshops take longer.
For activities with the theme “Wild picking” and “Eating from nature”, picking herbs is always for personal use and takes place as a hobby. The growth and flowering of plants and trees is respected and only small quantities may be picked that do not cause damage to the area. The fines resulting from picking herbs and plants for personal use are borne by the participant.
For creative activities, the participant is responsible for wearing the correct footwear. Natuurwijze is not liable for damage to footwear, materials you bring with you or allergic reactions resulting from working with plants or natural materials.

8. Materials, course materials and publications

The copyright on the brochures, course materials, workshop materials, manuals, sheets, stencils, playing cards, syllabi, ebooks, workbooks, e-learning, workshop content, course content, audio recordings, video recordings and any other form of publication published by Natuurwijze. Written materials used online and in activities, hereinafter referred to as “materials”, are owned by Natuurwijze. All materials are and remain the intellectual property of Natuurwijze, unless another copyright holder is indicated on the work itself. Without the express written permission of Natuurwijze, neither the client nor the participant will publish any data in any form from the materials or reproduce them in any way. This is subject to copyright. The copyright on quotations, reports, proposals, blogs, photos, designs, etc. that arise from the work of Natuurwijze also rests exclusively with Natuurwijze.

9. Disclaimer for Online Courses

The online courses and workshops of Natuurwijze are intended to be followed independently (without guidance from Natuurwijze). During these courses, mindfulness, meditation, visualization or rituals are used and you are sometimes asked to turn inward and focus on what you feel and experience. A large number of exercises can be too challenging when you are going through a period of major change in your life, such as pregnancy, divorce, bereavement, but also burnout or (treatment of) a serious illness.
If you have a psychiatric diagnosis or if you receive help from the Mental Health Service for a psychiatric disorder, or are taking medication for this, it is advisable to only read the material and do the exercises when you are stable and balanced. Most exercises or rituals offer alternatives that you can perform instead of the exercise. The responsibility always lies with you. Natuurwijze is not responsible for the psychological or emotional consequences of following rituals, meditations or mindfulness offered in these courses.
The following applies to all courses: It is not a substitute for medical advice.
Although you take the course online, you do not have to fill in anything else about your experiences online. You use your own journal for this. In this way, no privacy-sensitive data about you is stored.

10. User Account

When purchasing in the online store, you will be asked to create a user account. This allows the customer to log in to view online purchases. This account is also necessary to be able to work in the online learning environment when an online course has been purchased.
Inactive accounts are deleted after 2 years.

11. Duty of Confidentiality

All information provided by participants and Natuurwijze during individual sessions and group activities is confidential. There is an obligation of confidentiality at all times regarding business-sensitive information and personal information.

12. Complaints procedure

If you are dissatisfied with the services of Natuurwijze, I would like you to contact me. Based on your experience, I can use your objection to improve my services.
I find a good relationship with my customers important and I am willing to learn from possible mistakes in my services. I would be happy to find a suitable solution in a conversation. If no solution to your complaint has been found during this conversation, you can submit a written complaint. You state your personal details and describe the facts. Your complaint will then be processed. In the event of disputes arising from an agreement with Natuurwijze, you have the right to engage an independent third party and Natuurwijze will do so. These independent third parties will jointly provide binding advice for both parties.

13. Applicability and conditions

These conditions apply to every agreement and collaboration that applies at any time between Natuurwijze, the customer, applicant or participant. Also when a customer, applicant or participant has been registered by a third party. And this third party pays for the assignment, participation, or collaboration or activity. All parties, both the party involved and the client, paying party, must be aware of the general terms and conditions. As soon as a customer purchases a product, registers or makes an appointment for a session or activity, agrees to a quote, these general terms and conditions apply.


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