Abundant harvest (Lecture)


Lecture in Englisch by Natuurwijze

90 minutes audio
Recorded at the Wild Roots Herbal Gathering 2021 ©2021-Natuurwijze
Audio + Printable Yearwheel in PDF

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Harvesting in abundance is a skill that we can all learn. This interactive lecture is about living with nature according the seasons and festivals. It focusses on the harvesting festival that starts on august 1 until winter begins. In this lecture we tune in to our physical and emotional well being with herbs, rituals and celebration.

This 90 minute English lecture starts with a song, written by Aukje herself in her native language.
With short stories and examples she awakens the awareness of the listeners and leads them in a journey along the wheel of the year with festivals, herbs, when to harvest what and how to care for our mental and physical health. Near the end of the lecture you can join in a meditation that connects to Lughnassad/ Lammas and you can make an offering to mother earth yourself.

The printable download is one of the yearwheels (wheel of the year) that Aukje uses in her lectures and teachings. Print it out, so you will understand what Aukje is talking about.


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